Learn how to get a Weibo API for your site or mobile app.

by Matteo Damiani

Please remember that your app will be reviewed by Weibo staff to get certified.

What is Weibo?

Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging (weibo) website.

Why do you want a Weibo API?

Well, this is useful for example if you need to setup an auto-poster application or plugin for your site, or maybe if you need to create an app using Weibo data integration.

1 – First, create your Weibo account.

2 – Then go to:

How to get a weibo api

3 – Click the orange button to start.

How to get a weibo api

4- Choose the project you want to create (site, mobile, app, other).

How to get a weibo api

5 – Fill the module.

开发者名称: You can only enter a Chinese name using Chinese character. So if you don’t have a Chinese name, get one!

紧急联系人姓名: Again, you can just enter a Chinese name.

How to get a weibo api

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6 – When we have filled all the fields, we can finally hit that blue button at the bottom of the module.

How to get a weibo api

7 – Next, Weibo will send you a verification email to your address. Click on the link in the Weibo email.

8 – At this point we need to add out site (添加新网站):

How to get a weibo api

网站名称: site name. Find a Chinese name for your site. You are allowed to input only Chinese characters. Use Google to get some ridicolous Chinese translation of your site.

网站域名: Website domain in the form http:// (or https://)

选择验证方式: Select the authentication method

在您的网站首页添加<meta>标签: Add the <meta> tag to your homepage or upload a .txt file to your root folder

Copy and paste the given piece of code in your page somewhere in the header or select the second option, uploading a verification file to your site root directory. In this case you should use a ftp software or your cpanel file manager.

9 – Accept the “Sina Weibo Developer Agreement”.

10 – Congratulations! Weibo have verified your site! (verified not approved …)

11 – Now, if you want to find your API key and secret, go in the following page, and click on menu.

How to get a weibo api

Keep in mind, your website will be reviewed by Weibo staff and maybe it will not be approved. It’s China after all.

If you want to know more about Weibo: wikipedia.

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