Dog meat banned at Yulin festival in China

After activists campaigned to end the trade of dogs slaughtered in millions every year.

Dog meat banned at Yulin dog meat festival

Guangxi government is set to prohibit street vendors, restaurants and markets from selling dog meat at the Yulin festival (Lychee and Dog Meat Festival).

About 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are consumed during the 10 days of the festival.

According to Animal campaigners Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project and Humane Society, the ban will come into effect on June 15, one week before the festival begins. The ban is enforced by fines of up to 100,000 yuan and risk of arrest. The new regulation is confirmed by three traders at the market.

However, millions of cats will still be transported and slaughtered in front of each other and sold for their meat at the festival. Around four million cats are killed each year across China for their meat. Yulin is not a traditional event, but it was invented in 2010 by dog meat traders.

The festival sparked controversy both in China and abroad.


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