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Lijiang, The cradle of the ancient Dongba culture

Last Updated on 2022/04/22

Guide to Lijiang

The ancient city of Lijiang was built during the Yuan Dynasty. Lijiang was once frequented by legendary travelers such as Joseph Rock and Bruce Chatwin, today it’s a very popular destination in China and represents a certain kind of overcrowded tourism.

It was one of the first Chinese cities to become a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to the unique architecture of the local houses built over the centuries by the Naxi ethnicity, surviving a terrible earthquake in 1997 that did not spare modern buildings.

Map of Lijiang prefecture

Lijiang is an architectural jewel. Some of its visuals, such as the sea of roofs that can be admired from the surrounding hills, are certainly worth the price of the trip. Besides, around Lijiang, there are a number of very interesting sites. Baisha, the Jade Mountain, the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Mosuo resorts are definitely excursions to be missed.

Lijiang lies in the northwest of Yunnan. Yulong Snow Mountain is the highest peak in Lijiang, but the natural scenes of Spruce Lawn、Yak Lawn and the glaciers embedded in it endow the snow mountain more elegant appearances in addition to its loftiness. The breathtaking Tiger-leaping Gorge is the place numerous visitors yearn. The natural environment of Lashihai attracted the migratory birds flying in. The lava scraps of Liming is not inferior to the Shibaoshan Mountain and three hills and five mountains.

Jade Mountain in Lijiang
Jade Mountain in Lijiang

The Ancient Town of Lijiang is the most suitable for people to live. The travelers stop their footsteps and stay here because of the quietness and leisure of the small town. The Ancient Naxi Music and Dongba script named “living fossils”. The matriarchal marriage customs of men and women not being bound by marriage are now being retained in the beautiful Lugu Lake region.

Best tour time

It is warm in winter and cool in summer, so you are allowed to travel in Lijiang all the year-round. But the best season is in September and October.

Note: Rainy season from June to August. You’d better bring short sleeves T-shirts, sweaters, a coat, sun-blocking cosmetics and rain gear with you.

Liming Lijiang

On tour

Lijiang is 625 kilometers from Kunming.
Air: It takes 40 minutes to take a plane from Kunming to Lijiang. The fare is ¥630. There is also direct flights to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Banna, Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc.
Highway: From Kunming to Lijiang, you may take buses at Kunming Long-distance Automobile Passengers Transport Station, Panjiawan Long-distance Automobile Passengers Transport Station, East Transport Station, West Transport Station, South Transport Station, Nanyao Automobile Passengers Transport Station, and the station in Guanshang Square. It takes about 10 hours. The fare for the ordinary bus is ¥126, ¥150~¥198 for the luxurious sightseeing bus.

Mosuos dancing
Mosuos dancing

Local food

Lijiang pancake, pea jelly, Sulima Liquor, Mosuos’ Pipa Meat, sausage filled in rice, preserved fruit, liquor fermented in the cellar

Sifang Snacks Street

Sited in Sifang Street, Big Stone Bridge in the ancient town. Here you may taste Small-Pot Rice Noodle, rice cooked in a sand pot and rice cooked with ham, etc. It is one of the collecting food streets in Lijiang.

Tiger leaping gorge Lijiang
Tiger leaping gorge

Local products

Dongba arras, leather products, Haitanguo, silver crafts

Travel information

电话:86 888 5158111 传真:86 888 5169554
旅游咨询电话:86 888 5123432
Lijiang Municipal Tourism Bureau
Add: Tourism Building, Shangri-la Avenue, Lijiang Municipality
Tel: 86 888 5158111 Fax: 86 888 5169554
Traveling inquiry tel: 86 888 5123432

Photos: Oliver Huang, Matteo Damiani, Dominique Musorrafiti

What to see in Lijiang

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