Liming Red Sandstone – Located in Liming Country of Yulong County of Lijiang City, being praised by the geologists to be the mysterious valley belt owning the largest area red sandstone landform in China.

Map of Liming county

黎明丹霞 the Red Sandstone Landform of Liming

According to the initial investigation, of Liming Country have reached 250 square kilometers in the area of Three River Parrel Flow, covering 50% of the total areas of the country. At present the local villagers have named over 40 natural sceneries of the sandstone landforms: One Thousand Tortoises Mountain, General Pillar, general pillar, Buddha Precipice, Sky-Scraping Mountain, Hump Mountain, Lovers Pillar, Seven People Stone, etc. After the experts carried on the on-the-spot investigations into the distribution areas of the sandstone landforms all the country, they regard the sandstone landform belt of Liming Country as the largest one in China. It stands in the first place of China on the relative height, absolute height, its magnificent sight and the gorgeous colors.


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