Located in Shigu Town of Yulong County of Lijiang City. The Yangzi River flows down from “the ridge of the world”– the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to Yunnan (called as the Jinsha River) passing by the northwest of Yunnan.

石鼓长江第一湾 The First Bend of the Yangzi River in Shigu

The Jinsha River, the Lancang River, and the Nu River together run through the mountains and valleys in the crossing mountain ranges. When the Jinsha River reaches Shigu Town of Yulong County, it makes an abrupt turn and flows towards the northeast, forming a great V-shaped bend rare to be seen and being reputed as “the First Bend of the Yangzi River”. A drum-shaped stone tablet is built on the small hill at the turn of the Jinsha River. Thus the town got its name. The Shigu Ferry is a good place to cross the river as it is wide and flows slowly there. Historically, it has long been a place of military importance.

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