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99 Dragon Ponds of Laojun Mountain

Laojun Mountain is the core scenic area in the “Three-Rivers Parallel Flow”.

The highest peak of continuous Laojun Mountain, being 4240 meters above sea level, is renowned as “the ancestor of mountains of gods of Yunnan”.

老君山九十九龙潭 99 Dragon Ponds of Laojun Mountain Map

The scenic region includes the following: 99 Dragon Ponds of Laojun Mountain, Golden Mountain and Jade Lake of Jinsichang, the sandstone landform of Liming and Meile, Yunnan snub-nosed monkey reserve, Baiya Temple, the botanical garden on the high mountain, the visiting route along the Jinsha River, etc. In the scenic region, there are abundant scenes, rich high mountainous vegetation, numerous ice lakes, special sandstone landform, and the colorful minorities customs of the Naxi, Bai, Pumi, Yi Peoples,etc., which form the specific scenes on Laojun Mountain with viewing value and scientific exploration value.


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