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The Majestic Siberian Tigers of Harbin Forest Park

Last Updated on 2020/10/30

Recently a group of photos of Siberian tigers became popular on the Chinese internet.

These pictures of Harbin Siberian tigers show obese tigers, that look like they were filled with a balloon. Harbin Municipal Tourism Bureau said that now, more people than in the past are visiting “Harbin Tiger Forest Park”. Previously only Harbin people used to visit the park and because of increased tourists, there was also an increase in food intake, so the tigers have become “fat tigers”. “Harbin Daily” reported that many visitors of Harbin Tiger Forest Park, think the tigers were so fat and many netizens posted comments like “I may see a group of fake tigers”; “These are orange fat cats!”; “Usually in a zoo, animals are starving to death, here the heavenly tigers, are fat like pigs”.

These docile animals feel satisfied with the level of food, they don’t show any sign of aggressiveness. For humans, as well for many mammals, the gut is a second brain. The brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and the brain-gut axis provides constant feedback. Some hormones produced by the endocrine glands, act on both organs. The intestinal well-being is reflected in the body, brain, and mood, as well as intestinal problems, which can create forms of stress, negative emotions, or aggressiveness.

obese tigers
obese siberian tigers
obese China tigers
fat tigers
fat tigers
fat China tigers
fat cat
fat wild cat

via: Le maestose tigri siberiane del Harbin Forest Park

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