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Yunnan Post

Xiangyun, Ancient Yunnan as well, stands on the bridgehead to spread the culture of Central Plains to Yunnan.

云南驿 Yunnan Post

There is a brilliant pearl on the southwest Silk Road—Yunnan Post. The name of Yunnan originated from it. Yunnan County was set up here in the Han Dynasty. After Yunnan County was altered to be Xiangyun County, only Yunnan Post has been keeping the name of Yunnan till now, lasting over 2000 years. The post has already been neglected, but some historical relics and humanities sights during that period have been kept: the old and simple features of the town constituted with residential houses, stores, inns and stables,etc.; the post road relics of the silk, tea, and horse; some things left by the crew of the American Volunteer Group during World War II.

Attention: You may get off at Yunnan Post if you take a bus from Kunming to Dali. If you take a flight from Kunming to Dali, you may go to Xiangyun from Dali.

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yunnan post

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Xiangyun Shuimu Mountain

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