Yuxi prefecture lies in the heart of Yunnan, about two hours drive south of Kunming. It is a  beautiful plateau lake ecosystem city as well as the hometown of  Nie Er, the people’s musician.

玉溪 Yuxi, Yunnan

The ancient civilization took place quietly beside the lake. The historic relics of Maotian Mountain in the Cambrian Period have been soundly asleep over one hundred million years. The civilization of the bronze wares of Lijia Mountain witnesses the developing progress of the human being in the Dian Kingdom. Under the green mountain peak, the ancient scene is mingling with the vogue. Xiu Mountain, the finest mountain in the south of Yunnan, is permeated with the historic cultures in the ancient buildings, landscapes, and literature work.

Dayingjie,“No. 1 village in Yunnan”, is displaying an ideal happiness life toward people. From Ailao Mountain to Red River Valley, there are too many mysterious views and strange folk customs unknown to people. Too many mysteries are hidden in the primeval forests. It is like the summer all the year round in Red River Valley, and the flowers flourishing and fruit innumerable. Huayao Dai embodies the nobility of the descendants of the imperial court in the Dian Kingdom. Hani People carved the magnificent masterpiece of the earth.

History of Yuxi

Yuxi during the Qin Dynasty (before 221 BC) was the heart of Yunnan. During the Western Han (206 BC – 24 A.D.) the region became part of the Yizhou county. In subsequent dynasties, its history has been quite difficult. Only in 1997, it has become a prefecture.

Ethnic groups

Over 36% of the inhabitants of Yuxi prefecture belongs to ethnic minorities. The most represented group is Yi, even if there are large communities of Hani and Dai, especially in the southern counties.

Ethnic minorities in Yuxi

Best tour time

Since most parts of Yuxi Prefecture belong to the subtropical inland plateau climate, the best tour time is in summer and autumn.

Trip to Yuxi: On tour

Railway: The train N990 starts at 18:00 from Kunming and arrives in Yuxi at 19:59. The train N989 starts at 08:00 from Yuxi and arrives in Kunming at 10:13. The fare is ¥10.

Highway: It takes 2 hours from Kunming to Yuxi by air-conditioning middle bus with a fare of ¥18.5 for each\by Iveco with a fare of ¥20 for each\by Santana with a fare of ¥40 for each. 2 hours are needed.


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Local food

Bean Flour Sugar, Xinping Soup Pot, Eel Rice Noodle, Cool Rice Noodle, Dayingjie Roast Duck, Copper Pot Fish, Rice Cooked with Potatoes, Jiangchuan Three-Course Dish, Huayao Dais’ Rice Shoots Baskets Meals, Aloe Dishes

Local products

The Old Boyuntang’s seasonings, Tonghai gladiolus, Tonghai pickles, bamboo shreds, rice seedlings baskets of Huayao Dai People, Huaning Fine Potteries, Tonghai Silver Wares, Chengjiang Lotus Root Starch, Yimen Fermented Soya Beans, Jiangchuan Bronze Handicrafts

Ni’er, the people’s musician. Ni’er, composer born in Yuxi, is the author of the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China.

Travel information

Yuxi Municipal Tourism Bureau
Add:High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Yuxi Municipality
电话:86 877 2067406   传真:86 877 2067409
Tel: 86 877 2067406    Fax: 86 877 2067409
旅游咨询电话: 86 877 2010563
Travelling inquiry tel: 86 877 2010563

What to see in Yuxi

Eshan is the hometown of Huagu Dance of Yi People as well as the first Yi Nationality Autonomous County in China. 峨山高香万亩生态茶文化旅游区 Gaoxiang Ecological Tea Cultural Tour Area of Eshan, Yuxi, Yunnan When you come to Gaoxiang Ecological Tea Cultural Tour...
The Dongjing Music performed by female troupes of Tonghai County might be the most attractive ancient music of the ancient Dian Kingdom. 通海女子洞经古乐 The Dongjing Music Performed by Female Troupes of Tonghai County One of the classic forms of the Taoist...
Located in Jiangchuan County, it is the first bronze wares museum in China. 江川李家山青铜器博物馆 Lijiashan Bronze Wares Museum of Jiangchuan The museum collects over 10,000 pieces between the Warring States Period and the Han Dynasty unearthed in the Lijiashan Ancient Graveyard...
Boasting a history of over 2 centuries, this opera is performed only in the Spring Festival days in Chengjiang County of Yuxi Prefecture. 小屯村的关索戏 Guansuo Opera of Xiaotun Village The masked actors and actresses wear no costumes and perform with ancient...
Located in Yimen County, national AA scenic spot. Here the mountain peaks are steep and beautiful, the woods are green and luxuriant, the pure springs are sweet. 易门龙泉国家森林公园 Longquan National Forest Park of Yimen, Yuxi, Yunnan Buildings and pavilions were set...
Nan’en in the Dai language means the silver white water. It got the name because the waterfall is located on Nanen River. 南恩瀑布 Nanen Waterfall Nanen Waterfall is sited on the upper reach of Nanen River beside Enshuo Highway, being 5...
During every winter and spring, the terraces in the cloud sea appear one minute and disappear the next. 那诺哈尼云海梯田 Hani cloud sea and terraces in Nanuo, Yuxi, Yunnan Located in the Nanuo Country Government, 66 kilometers apart from Yuanjiang County town. ...
Xiushan Mountain lies in the south of Tonghai County, about 125 kilometers from Kunming. It covers an area of 1.55 million square meters, in which the ancient architectural complex takes up 3%. 秀山公园 | Xiushan Mountain in Tonghai County Basic Information Geographic...
Maotianshan Mountain Shales has become one of the first national geological parks in China and a base of scientific study and travel. 帽天山动物化石群 Maotianshan Mountain Shales Located in the east of Chengjiang County, 8 kilometers from the seat of the county,...
Lying in the northeast of Jiangchuan County, it has a water area of 34 square kilometers. 星云湖 Xingyun Lake, Yuxi, Yunnan Its water quality is good, in addition, it is bound in chub and blunt-snout bream, etc.
Lying over 60 kilometers southeast of Kunming, it is the second deepest freshwater lake in China. 抚仙湖 Fuxian Lake, Yuxi, Yunnan It is an ideal summer resort because the water temperature changes a little between  summer and winter in addition to...
Terrace fields of Yuxi

Trip to Yuxi

Yuxi prefecture lies in the heart of Yunnan, about two hours drive south of Kunming. It is a  beautiful plateau lake ecosystem city as well as the hometown of  Nie Er, the people’s musician. 玉溪 Yuxi, Yunnan The ancient civilization took...

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