Located in No. 3 Xiaomeiyuan Lane, Shuijingong, Wuhua District, Kunming City. The main building is a two-story building with earth and wood structure combining Chinese and Western styles.

朱德故居 Zhu De’s Former Residence, Kunming, Yunnan

In 1921, Zhu De bought this building after attending the State-Protecting Movement and named it Jieyuan. He himself planted bamboos and chrysanthemum in the garden. Zhu De handed it over to the People’s Government of Yunnan Province after new China was established. In 1987, the residence was listed as Yunnan provincial relics preservation unit. In 1994, it was repaired. An exhibition hall named as “people in Yunnan in honor of Zhu De, commander in chief” was built in the former residence being renovated. More than 100 pieces of pictures, books, and paintings, rubbing slices and clothes are exhibited in the hall.


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