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Shanghai nurse mistakenly gave out abortion drugs to a pregnant patient

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

A nurse of the Shanghai Pudong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, mistakenly gave out abortion drugs to a fourth-month pregnant patient, leading to the miscarriage of the pregnant woman.

Since this was the first pregnancy of Jiao Li (a pseudonym), a pregnant woman, after a consultation with her family, she chose to listen to the recommendations of the physicians, and on July 3th, she accepted the hospital treatment to check a small amount of amniotic fluid leak.

After the hospital infusion, Jiao Li had drug allergy symptoms, such as hot itching and red lumps. The doctors stopped the infusion. A few hours later a nurse was sent to give medicine to the ward and sent to Jiao Li a white tablet cut in half. Jiao Li didn’t notice the name of the drug, she just clearly saw the letter “m”. The woman asked the nurse what kind of medicine was, and she even asked four times if the medicine was right.

A few minutes later, her husband went to the nurse station, asked the name of the drug and told the nurses on duty that he and her wife just saw a letter “m” on the medicine. After hearing what the husband said, the nurse appeared worried, and three other nurses rushed to the pharmacy to find the drug. After finding the drug blister from the trash, the nurse said: “The medicine was wrong. It was an abortion drug (Mifepristone)”.

Jiao Li was shocked. Doctors recommended Jiao Li to drink water to induce vomiting. Later Jiao Li recalled she felt nausea, vaginal bleeding, and on August 29, she had the abortion.

The nurse has been suspended. The hospital admitted they gave her the wrong drug but refused to admit the event was a medical incident: “It can not be regarded as a medical malpractice because it had no serious consequences. It can only be regarded as a fault. It can be called medical malpractice.”


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