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The perception of Chinese policewomen is changed

Recently official microblogging of Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government has released a series of images portraying a group of female traffic police involved in road traffic management while carrying out their work in the snow.

The photos are a clear message to highlight how these young girls demonstrate a strong sense of duty that helps to deal with determination in all weather conditions. But just a few of these images, in particular, one female traffic police got the attention of Chinese netizens, that have pointed out she looks like Taiwan actress and singer, Chen Yanxi, also known as Michelle Chen.

Low temperatures and snowstorms with the strong cold winds have created serious problems for road traffic and for this reason, the Chinese city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, thought it might be an effective way to reassure its citizens, by issuing images of female traffic police in order to demonstrate the efficiency of services in times of trouble, but the result has led only to talk about her beautiful face that looks like Chen Yanxi, and not about how she works or her professional integrity. Chinese networks suggest the police of Lianyungang should assign ‘beauty points’ because they think she is the most beautiful girl in Long Haigang women’s traffic police squadron.

Chinese policewomen

This year, in Sichuan, local policewomen had to deal with the flooding caused by the rains, and even then the image of a policewoman at work under the rainfall, instead of arousing comments of solidarity and encouragement, gained comments that only pointed that under the rain of Dazhou there was Chen Siling, “the most beautiful police’s flower”.

The comments of Chinese users have taken this path because last May a female police officer had made quite a stir after publishing online on her profile some pictures with alluring poses. Although some comments had invited the young female police to avoid making some photos with the official uniform, which also have an identification number, other users instead had commented with praise.

Detrimental effects of selfie

“Please do not wear police uniforms to shoot these photos and upload on social networks!”

Liaoning Dandong Public Security Bureau stated this incident damaged the image of the police station, and after identifying the microblog of the policewoman forced her to submit her resignation. Liaoning Police College knows that a lot of female students like to wear police uniforms to take this kind of photo and therefore is not easy to handle this growing phenomenon. This urges the strengthening of management.

Liaoning Dandong Public Security Bureau said the branch dismissed the female auxiliary police because her self-photo wearing police uniforms caused controversy.

Tianxiang’s microblog, her personal microblogging, is no longer public from early May, but her images are still available since they were discharged from her followers and still being forwarded on the microblogging. While there were those who criticized saying that her photos were indecent, others praised her. However, her microblog still shows her personal information, where its unit is “revitalization of Dandong City Public Security Bureau” and that she graduated from “Liaoning Police College” in 2015.


Liaoning Dandong Public Security Bureau said that even if the photos were taken by the young policewoman in moments of private life, which was not necessary to submit to the discipline of the police, she has been judged to have an inappropriate behavior to be in the police force, since she exposed the uniform and the logo to an inappropriate image that not match the role they deserve. The uniform must be, for a policewoman, signs that mean justice, enforce the laws, and ensure the right of the people since she used it as a “low costume” of self-promotion she has inevitably damaged the image of the brave policewomen passionately dedicated to their profession.

Photos very similar to Tianxiang’s microblog normally and constantly circulating online as part of Asian cosplay culture. Images portraying girls in sensual poses wearing police uniforms are popular in China. They were for years an online fantasy and now after Tianxiang’s microblog, they become a reality, which is now the filter used to view her former college.

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