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guobin yang-social media wuhan
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Interview with Guobin Yang: the role of the social media amid the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown

Guobin Yang’s study focuses on online activism, social movements, digital culture, cultural sociology, historical sociology, critical theory, global communication, environmental communication, media and politics in … Read more

Weibo streaming services banned
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China’s TV and film watchdog shutting down video Sina Weibo streaming services

Sina Weibo, the popular Twitter-like social platform, the news portal and ACFUN, a major online video site with a real-time commenting system, and other … Read more

China’s Contested Internet
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China’s Contested Internet edited by Guobin Yang

Gives a sophisticated analyses of the dimentions of the Chinese Internet and covers hackerspaces, online activism, diaosi, weiguan, censorship of Internet fiction, the government presence … Read more