Facebook crafts censorship tool to re-enter China: NYT

Does Facebook have a secret weapon to get back into China?


Facebook in China: Facebook has quietly developed a censorship tool that could persuade China to allow the world’s biggest social media network to re-enter the world’s second largest economy after a seven-year ban, that’s according to the New York Times, Ryan Brooks reports.

The New York Times reporting Tuesday that the social network has quietly created a censorship tool that can block certain posts from showing up on peoples’ news feed in specific geographic areas. The Times says it spoke to former and current Facebook employees, who say the company wouldn’t block content itself. Rather a third party would monitor popular stories and decide if people should be able to see them.

It’s a step beyond CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s past efforts to please China, including meetings with President Xi Jinping and even learning Mandarin. It’s no secret that Facebook is eager to get back into the country with the largest number of internet users in the world.

But The Times says so far there’s no indication that the software has been offered to authorities in Beijing calling it one of Facebook’s many ideas to re-enter China-that may never see the light of the day.

via Facebook in Cina

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