22 images of Liu Teng, an Amazing double jointed contortionist

images of Liu Teng, an Amazing double jointed contortionist

Recently Chinese social networks are furthering Liu Teng, an extremely agile and flexible contortionist from Henan.

Online images portray the acrobat while naturally assume extreme positions.  She was Quickly dubbed “A4”, ( reference point is paper size, alike of the measures of her flat stomach). She is so flexible, that in some images it seems she haven’t a bone structure. Obviously her elasticity is due to a constant and serious practice that allows her to increase her natural skills. The young woman who also performs in circuses is also a dancer and is becoming testimonial for promotional campaigns for many luxury goods brand.

double jointed contorsionist Chinese contorsionist 002liu-teng-la-contorsionista 003liu-teng-la-contorsionista 004liu-teng-la-contorsionista 005liu-teng-la-contorsionista 006liu-teng-la-contorsionista 007liu-teng-la-contorsionista 008liu-teng-la-contorsionista 009liu-teng-la-contorsionista 010liu-teng-la-contorsionista 011liu-teng-la-contorsionista 012liu-teng-la-contorsionista 013liu-teng-la-contorsionista 014liu-teng-la-contorsionista 015liu-teng-la-contorsionista 016liu-teng-la-contorsionista 017liu-teng-la-contorsionista 018liu-teng-la-contorsionista 019liu-teng-la-contorsionista 020liu-teng-la-contorsionista 021liu-teng-la-contorsionista 022liu-teng-la-contorsionistaIf she decided to visit you, you shouldn’t worry to say “Make yourself comfortable!” Because she is always at ease in any environment and in any location. Liu Teng is so agile and jointed that Violet Beauregarde (the third winner of the Golden Ticket which allows to visit the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory) can be envious of her.

Photos: 163.com, Chinanews.com, Weibo.com

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