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Chinese chicken chain probed for risque branding

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

Chinese fast food company ‘Call A Chick’ could face a hefty government fine for its racy name and slogans.

A government investigation for violating social order.

Not something most fast food have to deal with. But when it comes to marketing, the Chinese fast food brand “Call a Chick” may have pushed the envelope too far.

Call a chick may not sound too risqué but in Chinese chick is slang for prostitute. And the restaurant name is just the tip of the iceberg for this company, which is causing a stir here and around the country.

Call a Chick has a whole range of menu options that don’t leave much to the imagination. Like a spring chicken dish called “chick with no sex life”.

Or a drink called a “chick’s booty call”.

The company even has a slogan saying it will quote: “satisfy every ounce of your fantasy for a chick”. China has strict laws preventing what it calls “violations of ethical standards”.

And the company could now faces fines of up to 150 thousands dollars.

Call a Chick has put out an apology on Chinese social media, saying they were targeting 18 to 28 years olds. Web users are divided, some saying the promotions are disgusting, while others think the government is killing creativity.

Call a Chick is now changing all of its online branding and says it plans to have new signs up at out lets across China by next week.

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