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Chinese Wall Fans: Maroon Dragons

Maroon Dragons Wall Fan

A pair of magnificent gold dragons with black shadows are cast against a maroon background in this absolutely stunning Chinese wall fan.

Maroon is a color that is associated with being regal or royal. Not our typical red Chinese color, this maroon hue will add a softer more pleasing look for those that want a more subtle color. Maroon is derived by mixing red and brown together. The brown is an earth color that lends a toned-down feel in comparison to the fire and energy of true red. Maroon goes well with many color schemes. It matches particularly well with white, black, yellow, dark blue, and gold, to name some. The dragons on this wall fan are gold in color, which symbolizes enlightenment, royalty, and wealth.


The dragon was on the official seal of the ancient Chinese emperors dating back more than 2,000 years ago. The emperors wished to be associated with the most powerful creature at that time. Although the dragon is not a real creature, to the Chinese it was just as alive as the tiger. They largely believed dragons controlled the weather, water, wind, and clouds. There were different kinds of dragons too, in different colors and with differing amounts of claws. A 4-claw dragon symbolized nobility. But only the emperor could be associated with a 5-claw dragon. The dragons painted on this attractive Chinese wall fan happen to be 5-claw dragons. It was typical of that time to depict two dragons facing each other.

The fiery ball in the middle of the dragons is the pearl of wisdom. It was once thought that this fiery sphere was representative of the sun. The dragons were thus seeking to attain the energy from it. But some myths state differently. The early Taoists believed the pearl represented the yang or masculine energy of the universe. The Buddhist view was that the pearl is akin to the jewel in the lotus. Supposedly this jewel grants all wishes. Others think the mystical flaming pearl was a metaphor for enlightenment or wisdom.

Whichever myth you may believe, the fact is that the fiery pearl and dragon are intrinsically linked through the eons. This shows in that much of the dragon art today from China includes the pearl of wisdom. For those who love dragons, this gorgeous hand-painted piece will make an ideal decoration or a great gift. Hang this eye-catching Chinese fan over your bed, in your living room or anywhere you need an inspired Asian look.

Beautifully HAND-PAINTED!
Dimensions24″ height x 40″ width
35″ height x 60″ width
MaterialHandpainted rayon canvas on a bamboo frame

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