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Chinese Wall Fans: Wisdom of the Peacocks

Last Updated on 2022/11/12

Wisdom of the Peacocks Wall Fan

Peacocks generally symbolize openness and acceptance but in Buddhism they symbolize wisdom. Here two magnificent-appearing peacocks face each other, representing the duality of all things.

The red background symbolizes good fortune in Asian culture, while the blue flowers represent the feminine energy of the universe. This stunning Chinese wall fan is entirely hand-painted and crafted by hand. Offered in two sizes, 40″ width and 60″ width, you are sure to find a spot on your wall for this special fan. Or, choose to purchase the optional large wooden black stand and place the fan on any flat surface. The stand can hold both sizes. Peacocks also symbolize self-assurance, pride and beauty.


The peacock is actually the name for the male peafowl. These birds are indigenous to the Asian continent and have been drawn and painted in Chinese artwork for thousands of years. When people think of the peacock, it is often on the ground showing off its spectacular and colorful tail feathers. In actuality, the peacock can take flight and is one of the largest flying birds in the world. At nearly 13 pounds and five feet in length at maturity, it seems improbable the peacock can fly, but it does.

Perhaps this is why the peacock has captured the imaginations of cultures throughout the world and is associated with so many religions and peoples. For example, in Hinduism, the peacock is linked to the deity Lakshmi, who is a representative of compassion, kindness, and patience. The peacock is also associated with Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess who is a symbol of love and compassion. She chose to remain mortal so could aid humanity in its quest to spiritually evolve.

Even back in the times of ancient Babylon, the peacock was viewed as the guardian to the royal family and often portrayed in engravings next to the throne. In Christianity, the peacock represented renewal, resurrection, and immortality. This beautiful peacock wall fan is our tribute to this very special bird. Decorate your home with this gorgeous work of Asian handcrafted art for a superb look and authentic Asian feel.

Beautifully HAND-PAINTED!
Dimensions24″ height x 40″ width
35″ height x 60″ width
MaterialHandpainted rayon canvas on bamboo frame

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