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Is aGlass the first eye-tracking modular unit for VR devices?

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

7invensun, a technology company based in Zhongguancun, Beijing, claimed to have produced the world’s first virtual reality eye-tracking modular unit, aGlass, enabling users of VR devices to control viewpoints using their eye, offering a more immersive experience.

Oculus Rift, Valve’s Vive and PlayStation VR are controlled by head movements and gyroscopes.

VR eye-tracking

According to Xi You, vice president of 7invensun, traditional devices go against the instincts of the human body, which senses surroundings using both eyesight and head movements. aGlass simulates the human eye focusing mechanism by gaze point computing and adjusts images to match users’ pupil distance, probably solving vertigo while using VR devices. aGlass is able to cover the maximum range of human eye movement, 30 vertical degrees and 50 horizontal degrees and also reduces eye-tracking delay to less than 5 milliseconds. The unit has already been officially recognized by HTC. The unit features a built-in independent CPU, RAM, 3D display, Bluetooth and it’s compatible with Android OS. The device weight is less than 100g.

VR eye-tracking

SOURCE: 7invensun

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