Panda released into the wild in China

Chinese pandas released into the wild in the southwest Sichuan province

panda released
Giant Panda, photo: Matteo Damiani, China-underground

China releases two female pandas into the wild in southwestern province of Sichuan.

State broadcaster CCTV showed footage of three-year-old Hua Yan looking out of the cage for minutes then dashing off into the Liziping National Nature Reserve in Ya’an city.

Panda released into the wild

Two-year-old Zhang Meng was also released. Both pandas were wearing neck straps with Global Position System (GPS) for monitoring purposes. Giant pandas have seen their number hit by human encroachment on the highlands where they survive almost entirely on a diet of bamboo. But world nature organization WWF said a survey in 2014 found 1864 pandas living in the wild, almost double the number of the late 1970s.

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