If You Don’t Drink Tea, You Are Not Chinese


The Chinese community has a symbiotic relationship with tea dating back through the ages. There’s a saying “If you don’t drink tea, you are not Chinese”. Taken in an old Chinese Tea House in Pencheng District, Chengdu, China, which was founded around 150 years ago, this portfolio reflects the ancient tradition of Chinese teahouses, much like the modern cafes that mushroomed over our cities now. It still retains its old world charm, frequented daily by the older generation brought up in the olden era of China. These portraits, a reflection of the nation history, offer a last look at a quickly disappearing part of the nation’s cultures, due mainly to China’s focus on its economic and modernisation policies. The modern generation now frequents Starbucks for their cuppa, these images are a portrayal of how life used to be, and still is, for these older generation ……… their very own “Starbucks” in a world that has stood the test of time.

Nick Ng started with photography in 2008 and is an avid travel and documentary photographer with special interests in people, environmental portraits and their cultures.


Photographer site: http://nickng.zenfolio.com
© Nick Ng, Malaysia, Shortlist, Professional, Candid, 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

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