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KM7402 – From Moscow to Beijing

“At the first route, from Moscow to Irkutsk, I’ve passed four days and a half in the train, passing through 5000 kilometers of forests…”

Text & images by Aristide Russo

“Impossible, you’re crazy, i could never stay four days and half in a train, what have you done four days and half in a train?
“and this was only the first step…”

Round and round this is the answer that more or less everybody gives me when I start to tell you about that mystical trip, the transmongolic. The curious thing is that in the end, nobody wants to know how did it go for real, or what means doing a trip like this, sensations, emotions, how to stay in a train for so much time can change you, how much can be important to share your life with people that normally live in the opposite sides of the world, or simply to taste a mutton soup in the Mongolian dining car on a Chinese train crossing the Gobi desert, to ride a Mongolian horse for about 5 hours in the Mongolian steppe, to loose almost half hour for only 3 stops of the Chinese subway of Beijing, to be lost to find the most unlikely places and the most incredible people…

But most of all, how is to feel like a traveler?

maybe is dull listen to someone telling all these stories, probably is hard to be so much curious, or more simply often is not interesting, but maybe, actually, it’s impossible to tell this trip without photography.

Moscow-Mosca-Moscu-Москва- нисэх-莫斯科


0 – 5185 KM
Moscow – Irkutsk

from-moscow-to-beijing---Moscow - Irkutsk



Baikal Lake – Bolshie Koty

from-moscow-to-beijing---Baikal Lake - Bolshie Koty

Иркутск – Эрхүүгийн – 伊尔库茨克


5185 – 6305 KM
Irkutsk – ulaanbaatar

from-moscow-to-beijing---Irkutsk - ulaanbaatar
from-moscow-to-beijing--Nature Reserve Gun Galuut---Irkutsk - ulaanbaatar

Nature Reserve Gun Galuut
Заповедник пистолет Галуут – Байгалийн нөөц буу Галуут – 自然保护区枪Galuut

Nature Reserve Gun Galuut

Ulan Bator – Улан-Батор – Улаанбаатар хот – 乌兰巴托


6305 – 7402 KM
Ulaanabaatar – Beijing

Ulaanabaatar - Beijing
Ulaanabaatar - Beijing

Pechino – Пекин – Бээжин – 北京

Pechino - Пекин - Бээжин - 北京

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