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Disastrous conditions of the “dorms” at a Chinese university

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

Usually, Universities campus are associated with an image of fun, but in Pingdingshan Henan University, for hundreds of Chinese students who dreamt of starting the school year, there has been waiting for a big surprise.

Classes were provisionally re-adapted in a dormitory area for new students. Rooms are not equipped with beds, students sleep every night in sleeping bags placed on cardboards on the floor. There are no lockers to store their personal belongings. A student named Zhang said he feels like a homeless, while another called Li claimed to be surprised that there are no places to store clothes or books. Furthermore, he also added that it is not easy to study because there are no desks, no chairs and no privacy for the care of personal hygiene. According to the students, it is also very difficult to sleep at night due to the low temperatures and the bad isolation of the facility.



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