List of Horror movies from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan: posters, images, info, trailers, actors, directors, and more.

Poster for the movie "Distant Thunder"

Distant Thunder

Director Zhang Jiarui’s new film, “Mi Cheng,” formerly called “Distant Thunder,” has been nominated for the upcoming Beijing College Student Film Festival, Ent.sina.com reported. After a successful premiere at the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival, “Mi Cheng” received a great deal of attention from the audience. A thoughtful and humanistic film, it includes a deep discussion of humanity with tight links to reality. The intense story line and sad ending made a deep impression … Read more

Midnight Beating

·杨渝渝在和“姐姐”合演对手戏时,她甚至不敢看片中“女鬼”的扮相。性格火辣在圈内号称“麻辣女郎”的她坦言原本认为自己胆子很大,但拍戏时都不敢照镜子,虽然有很多工作人员在场,但心里还是很忐忑,只要闭上眼睛脑中想的都是“女鬼”苍白的脸孔和凹陷的眼球。 ·影片的两款海报被指分别抄袭了泰国恐怖片《鬼5虐》和美国恐怖片《恶灵空间》。

Curse of the Deserted

Young writer Guo (Shawn Yue) wrote about a titular curse in his book, “The Deserted Village”. It began 500 years ago in the Ming Dynasty, when one of the villagers died of terminal illness. The widow Yanzi vowed to stay with her husband forever but when the man suddenly returned to life. The horrified neighbours believed that he was a monster. They burned him to death and torched his mansion. The devastated Yanzi upheld her … Read more

The Door

The horror story set in the contemporary China centers on a young intellectual’s ominous journey to find his lost girlfriend and the truth behind the breakup.

The Matrimony

A woman finds the key to a room in the attic that her husband forbids her from entering. When she opens the door, she is confronted with the haunting existence of the woman her husband refuses to forget.

Clay Fear

Pottery factory owner Ming Fu (Ng Kai Wah) is haunted by visions of the blazing death of his business partner in a suspicious fire. Widowed, Ming is set to marry Ye Yue (Miao Pu) much to the consternation of Ming’s “Rebecca”-like housemaid Zhen Zi (Ayumi Ito of “All About Lily Chou-Chou”), who just happens to be his late wife’s sister. Yarn hints at paranormal causes as more of Ming’s business associates die one by one, … Read more


In the early years of 20th century a strange plague a ghost sightings haunt Phoenix City, a small town in China. A group of doctors is sent to the local church to investigate. While skeptical at first, they soon start to fall victim to the ghosts themselves.