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Poster for the movie "Silver Hawk"

Silver Hawk

Michelle Yeoh plays Lulu Wong, a much-idolised rock star and philanthropist by day, and a super heroine, Silver Hawk, who fights injustice in skin-tight...
Poster for the movie "Europe Raiders"

Europe Raiders

The third film in the Jingle Ma-directed franchise, following “Tokyo Raiders” from 2000 and “Seoul Raiders” from 2005. Europe Raiders (欧洲攻略) is a 2018 action...
Poster for the movie "Tokyo Raiders"

Tokyo Raiders

A fistful of Hong Kong stars get into some engaging hijinx in Tokyo Raiders. This year's clear winner in the Chinese New Year box office...
Poster for the movie "Summer Holiday"

Summer Holiday

High-flying Summer Koo has lost a personal fortune in the Nasdaq crash only to get fired from A&P Investment the very same day after...
Poster for the movie "Fly Me to Polaris"

Fly Me to Polaris

Fly Me to Polaris was one of the key movies last year to bring hope to the Hong Kong industry and suggest a future. The...
Poster for the movie "Speed Angels"

Speed Angels

Speed Angels (Chinese:极速天使) is a 2011 Chinese action film directed by Jingle Ma. Taxi driver Xiaoyi (Tang Wei) is discovered by a race car coach...
Poster for the movie "Love in the City"

Love in the City

Young traffic cop Yang Le (Shawn Yue) sees kindergarten teacher Xiao You (Gao Yuanyuan) leading her kids to cross the road everyday. Love in the...

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