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Hacken Lee Hak-kan (Chinese: 李克勤; pinyin: Lǐ Kèqín; Cantonese Yale: lei5 hak1 kan4; born 6 December 1967) is a Hong Kong singer, actor, television host, and association football sportscaster. With a distinctive voice, Lee remains one of the few singers in Hong Kong who has continuously received multiple music awards across four decades (1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s) and who has maintained his high popularity while also releasing albums on a regular basis. With a voice well known as crystal-clear and strong, Lee has been crowned the title of “Zero Defect Vocals”, alongside Heavenly King Jacky Cheung. In 2013, Lee’s song “House of cards” swept multiple awards in many grand award ceremonies, including “World’s Best Song” and “Broadcasting Index” in Metro’s Awards. As of 2013, he has reached 14 times in receiving the “Outstanding Pop Singer Award” at RTHK’s “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards” and has established an irreplaceable status in the music industry of Hong Kong and Asia.

Hacken Lee

Poster for the movie "Wong Ka Yan"

Wong Ka Yan

In 1992, on a small island in Hong Kong, a boy fell for Yan crazily searched for her by dozens of unbelievable means.

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