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Poster for the movie "Yes, Madam"

Yes, Madam

Poster for the movie "Run Papa Run"

Run Papa Run

Run Papa Run is a 2008 Hong Kong comedy-drama film directed and co-written by Sylvia Chang, and based on a novel by Benny Li. Run...
Poster for the movie "My Name Is Fame"

My Name Is Fame

Returning from a five-year break and stepping well clear of the troubled teens and gritty realism most associated with his past work, director Lawrence...
Poster for the movie "Finale in Blood"

Finale in Blood

Before Fruit Chan made the acclaimed modern masterpieces Made in Hong Kong, The Longest Summer, and Hollywood, Hong Kong, filmmaker Fruit Chan directed the...
Poster for the movie "Simply Actors"

Simply Actors

Man Long Chan, a constable whose antics and showmanship win him best performance awards at the Force's annual parties, is handpicked by the Deputy...

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