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Eddie Peng (Chinese: 彭于晏; pinyin: Péng Yúyàn, born in Taipei, also known as Peng Yu-yen) is a Taiwanese-born Canadian actor. he migrated to Canada at the age of thirteen. In 2000, he graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver. Subsequently, he was admitted into the University of British Columbia, where he majored in economics,but dropped out to start his acting career.

He then went back to Taiwan to attend his grandmother’s funeral and was referred by a family member to director Yang Daqing, who cast him in the TV series named The White Paper of Love (爱情白皮书).

Eddie Peng

Poster for the movie "Hear Me"

Hear Me

Poster for the movie "Operation Mekong"

Operation Mekong

Chinese narco-cops take their mission to the Golden Triangle following the Mekong River massacre of innocent fishermen by the region's drug lord. Operation Mekong (湄公河行动;...
Poster for the movie "Operation Red Sea"

Operation Red Sea

The film is loosely based on the evacuation of the 225 foreign nationals and almost 600 Chinese citizens from Yemen's southern port of Aden...
Poster for the movie "Our Time Will Come"

Our Time Will Come

Our Time Will Come (明月幾時有) is a 2017 war film directed by Ann Hui, starring Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng and Wallace Huo. It revolves around...
Poster for the movie "My Beloved Bodyguard"

My Beloved Bodyguard

A retired bodyguard who has settled into a corner of the world where China, Russia and North Korea meet as he suffers from early...
Poster for the movie "Wu Kong"

Wu Kong

The story tells the story of Sun Wukong (Eddie Peng) and Erlang Shen (Shawn Yue), who comes to the Immortal Mountain to cultivate their...
Poster for the movie "Cold War"

Cold War

Poster for the movie "The Great Wall"

The Great Wall

The Great Wall (Chinese: 长城) is a 2016 monster film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Matt Damon, who plays a European mercenary in...
Poster for the movie "Duckweed"


Duckweed (Chinese: 乘风破浪; lit. Ride the Winds, Break the Waves) is a 2017 Chinese drama film directed by Han Han and starring Deng Chao,...
Poster for the movie "Cold War II"

Cold War II

Cold War 2 is a 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese crime thriller film written and directed by Longman Leung and Sunny Luk. The film is a...
Poster for the movie "To the Fore"

To the Fore

A young man chases his dream of becoming a pro cyclist and is met with challenges.
Poster for the movie "Back in Time"

Back in Time

Poster for the movie "Tai Chi Zero"

Tai Chi Zero

As an uncommonly gifted child, Yang Luchan had a fleshy abnormality that holds tremendous power growing on his forehead. However being teased as the town...
Poster for the movie "Tai Chi Hero"

Tai Chi Hero

Chinese steampunk martial arts blockbuster about the early years of Tai chi master Yang Luchan, the man who founded in the 19th century what...
Poster for the movie "A Wedding Invitation"

A Wedding Invitation

A wedding complicates a woman's desire for the groom.
Poster for the movie "Unbeatable"


Fai, once a world champion in boxing, escapes to Macau from the loan sharks and unexpectedly encounters Qi, a young chap who is determined...
Poster for the movie "All About Women"

All About Women

A series of intertwining stories focus on the lives and transformations of three women and their romantic relationships. All About Women (Chinese: 女人不坏; pinyin: Nǚrén...

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