Cunxin Pu

Pu Cunxin (濮存昕; born 31 July 1953), also known as Pu Quanxin, is a Chinese actor who has served as Chairman of China Theatre Association since July 2015. He is or was a member of the Beijing Experimental Theater Troupe.

Pu Cunxin Filmography


Poster for the movie "Agreed Not to Separate"

Agreed Not to Separate

A famous wandering sports commentator suffering from a marriage crisis flashes back – in a mental Moviola – to his three-year marriage, his loved-hated wife, their little boy’s birth and his rival, seeking some however temporary solution.

Poster for the movie "Til Death Do Us Part"

Til Death Do Us Part

Set in a small Chinese village where HIV virus is spreading rapidly as a result of illicit blood trade, Mo shu wai zhuan revolves around De Yi and Qinqin are both estranged from their respective family because of their disease and unexpectedly find love with each other by their misfortunes.

Poster for the movie "Bell of Purity Temple"

Bell of Purity Temple

In 1945, Japan is defeated in its war of aggression against China. During a panic retreat, a baby boy is abandoned, but is adopted and grows up to become and eminent monk. Thirty years later, he visits China and meets his real mother who is now elderly and weak.

Poster for the movie "The Last Aristocrats"

The Last Aristocrats

Four Chinese women students in the USA are stranded when the Communists take over Shanghai in 1948.

Poster for the movie "Spicy Love Soup"

Spicy Love Soup

‘Aiqing mala tang’ (‘Spicy Love Soup’) starts with a young couple eating sweet (or sour) and spicy soup from a two-sided bowl shaped in a Yin and Yang pattern. Until the couple’s wedding at the end of the film, ‘Aiqing mala tang’ intermittently shows six different episodes about different generations’ relationships. Love can be sweet, sour, or spicy. And, you’ll taste all those emotions from this contemporary Chinese film ‘Aiqing mala tang’.