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32 Rare Photos Depicting Real Life of Chinese People in the 80s

Chinese People In The 1980s: An album of selected images depicts a vision of China in the 1980s, very different from today. China was more … Read more

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15 rare historical photographs of the 1931 China floods

1931 Yangtze river flood From the end of the 20s, China was afflicted by a long drought. Abnormal weather over central China began in the … Read more

unit 731 images
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Rare images of the infamous Japanese experiment unit 731 in China – Second Part – Graphic content

Unit 731 (731部隊) led by Japanese microbiologist Shiro Ishii, was a covert biological warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook … Read more

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Japanese officer performing seppuku during World War II

After the defeat of the Second World War II, many Japanese officers performed the ritual suicide by disembowelment, called in Japanese Suppuku (stomach-cutting). They chose … Read more

Found films in China
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Lost & Found: forgotten memories – Found films in China

Found films in China – What happens if some old films are found in the debris of a city? During this period Kunming, the capital … Read more

Chinese Opium-Smokers
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Chinese Opium-Smokers in the late XIX Century in the US

Chinese Opium-Smokers In the nineteenth century, thousands of Chinese people crossed the ocean to find work in the United States. They began arriving in San … Read more

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14 Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards

1971 was a critical year for the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese government issued this series of postcards to tackle the “traitor” Liu Shaoqi and the … Read more

images of Old Tibet
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40 rare images of Old Tibet

Images of Old Tibet: These photos were taken by U.S. military personnel during the period 1942-1943. American soldiers arrived in Tibet from India to support … Read more

Huashan Mountain's Last Taoist Immortality seekers depicted by foreign journalists in 1935
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Huashan Mountain’s Last Taoist Immortality seekers depicted by foreign journalists in 1935

Huashan Mountain, located in Shaanxi Province, about 110 kilometers east of the city of Xi’an, is one of China’s Five Sacred Taoist Mountains and has … Read more

Photographic history of Qigong and alternative medicine in China
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A Photographic History of Qigong and Alternative Medicine in China

Development of Qigong and alternative medicines after the Cultural Revolution in China There are hundreds of types of Qigong: some only need meditation and others … Read more

Rare Images Of Chinese Nuclear Tests During The Sixties
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20 rare images of Chinese nuclear tests during the Sixties

Since the late ’50s, China launched its program to become the fifth nuclear power, a goal reached in 1964 with test 596. Prior to that … Read more

rare pictures of Boxer prisoners during late Qing Dynasty
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20 rare pictures of Boxer prisoners during the late Qing Dynasty

Pictures of the boxer rebellion: in the late Qing Dynasty (1899-1902), China was plagued by a xenophobic conflict that bloodied the country for three years. … Read more