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Man Kidnapped as ‘Blood slave’ by Chinese Gang in Cambodia drained for months

A Chinese man was kidnapped by a crime gang in Cambodia. He was drained for months and threatened with organ harvesting.

According to the South China Morning Post and Sina, the man surnamed Li, managed to escape early this month with the help of a member of the gang who ran an online fraud operation using a phony company.

Li, a 31-year-old from China’s eastern Jiangsu province, had 800ml of blood taken from him every month since August last year, according to Cambodia’s Chinese-language newspaper Asia Pacific Times.
The blood was most likely sold online to private purchasers.

Before being lured to the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in southern China by a fake job advertisement, Li worked as a security guard in Shenzhen and Beijing. He was kidnapped and taken to the China-Vietnam border, where he was forced to cross at gunpoint.

He was first transported by sea to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and subsequently to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. He was later sold for US$18,500 to another group running an internet fraud organization, according to Li.

Li’s arms are covered in bruises and needle marks as a result of the torture. Li’s blood had been drained to the point where the nurse had to extract blood from his skull when the veins in his arms failed on the last occasion of drawing blood.

Li was on the point of death with several organ failures when he was admitted to the hospital on February 12, according to the newspaper’s story.

According to the Asia Pacific Times, one of the gang members threatened Li, claiming that if they couldn’t get blood from his body, he would be sold to organ harvesters. He claimed that gang members frequently beat him and other detainees with electric prods.

He claimed he observed at least seven other men being held in a large room with him. Because Li’s blood is type O, a universal blood type, the other men didn’t have as much blood taken as he did. “Your type O blood is highly precious!” claimed the “doctor” who first checked his blood, according to him.

Featured image via Sina

Last Updated on 2022/02/20

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