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China strengthens measures against single-use plastics

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said it established a national system for retailers to report their plastic consumption.

The Ministry’s proposal is part of a larger operation to address the huge waste problem in China.

The increase in home food deliveries has also caused a surge in the volumes of plastics in circulation.

In September, the ministry said that single-use plastic bags and eating utensils will be banned in major Chinese cities by the end of the year, while disposable straws will be banned nationwide.

At the same time, a new “solid waste law” also came into force, increasing fines tenfold for those who break rules.

The new law also imposed the construction of a new recycling infrastructure.

In January, China’s National Development and Reform Commission published a five-year waste reduction roadmap.

The policy included a national ban on plastic bags by 2022 and a 30% reduction in the use of disposable plastic items by restaurants.

Hotels were told that by 2025 they must not offer free disposable plastic items.

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