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China's Environmental Policy
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The Evolution of China’s Environmental Policy: Interview with Michael Standaert

Michael Standaert is a freelance journalist currently based in Shenzhen in South China. Standaert primarily covers environmental and climate change policy, and infrastructure developments for … Read more

China's Environmental Challenges
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China’s Environmental Challenges

China’s huge environmental challenges are significant for us all. They affect not only the health and well-being of China but the very future of the planet.

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Amazing Facts on China
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20 Amazing Facts on China You Didn’t Know About

Facts Verse compiled a list of 20 Shocking China Facts You Didn’t Know About: From leftover women to dog meat festival.

Aside from being the most crowded nation on the planet, China’s economy is the second biggest on the planet after the US.

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20 Amazing Facts on China

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Chinese pollution images
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Shocking investigation on the pollution caused by fashion industries

Environmental impact of the clothing industry – Our clothes, our jeans and underwear are produced by unsustainable methods. Greenpeace has produced a sensational report on the catastrophic effects of textile manufacturing in the Pearl River.

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