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China Smart by Larry Herzberg

This engaging collection sheds light on the various facets of China. From its unique political structure, the challenges its youth face in today’s dynamic world, to its proactive strategies combating pollution, all aspects are carefully analyzed. The book also examines the intriguing nuances of the Chinese internet, presenting it in a comparative light with global standards.


Taking a step further into the historical realm, it presents the tale of China’s only woman emperor and the adventures of a Chinese explorer whose travels might have given birth to the legend of Sinbad the Sailor. Equally intriguing are China’s prominent holidays, superstitions surrounding numbers, and the deep-rooted complexities of the Chinese written language.

In nearly 60 succinct essays, renowned China scholar Larry Herzberg meticulously unravels the facts and debunks myths about China’s past and present. From tourists and business professionals to language learners or anyone intrigued by one of the world’s most influential civilizations, this book ensures a deeper understanding and appreciation of China. With each page turned, readers will become increasingly informed about this magnificent nation.

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