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The new national security law was officially passed: An uncertain and opaque future for Hong Kong

The new national security law in Hong Kong has been officially approved, without consulting the local city government, and will enter into force on July 1, 2020.

According to the official media controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, the new law will criminalize some offenses such as secession, subversion against the central Chinese government, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces.

The details, however, remain vague, simply outlining an opaque and uncertain picture of the future of the former British colony.

During a press conference in the morning, Carrie Lam, the Hong Kong governor declined to comment on the news. Later, during a video meeting with the United Nations Human Rights Council, She said that the new law will restore stability and prosperity in Hong Kong.

Numerous democratic political parties, fearing political persecutions in these hours, have dissolved.

Political activist Joshua Wong (you can find our interviews here, here and here) has announced he has resigned from Demosisto, the political party he helped found in 2016, but that he will continue his political struggle as an independent.

Other movement figures such as lawmaker Nathan Law and activist Agnes Chow, who had been prevented from participating in local elections in 2018, also left the party.

Thus ended a political season in Hong Kong, now increasingly in the shadow of Beijing.

The details leaked on the new law seem to be designed specifically on the profile of pro-democracy politicians who have caressed the independence idea or who have been active internationally to find allies to defend the right to free speech in Hong Kong.

Numerous pro-democratic leaders, to escape the penalties imposed by the local and Chinese government, have abandoned, or are about to leave the city.

According to Wayne Chan, Hong Kong Independence Union coordinator, after the law is approved, it is expected that many political leaders will be arrested and imprisoned.

In these hours there is a lot of uncertainty in Hong Kong, caused by the lack of precise information about a law that will directly impact the lives of every single citizen.

The law is expected to be officially released on Thursday.

The anniversary of the passage of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China will fall on Wednesday 1 July.

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