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China condemns Hong Kong Protesters as a “political virus”

Last Updated on 2020/05/06

While China is engaged in a diplomatic and economic battle with no holds barred with the United States, protesters are returning to the streets of Hong Kong.

China’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office (HKMAO) on Wednesday condemned the Hong Kong protesters calling them a “political virus”, warning that the former British colony would never be calm as long as the demonstrators are not removed.

More than 7,000 protesters have been arrested since June.

The office described the protesters as violent people who want Hong Kong independence.

As repeatedly stated by the demonstrators, Hong Kong’s independence is not among the protesters’ requests, but respect for the Basic Law and the principle of “one country, two systems“, a principle which has been repeatedly not respected by the local authorities.

After weeks of restrictions caused by the coronavirus, groups of protesters began to protest again.

The arrests made last month against some historical representatives of Hong Kong’s democratic movements also gave new life to the democratic cause.

A big new march is underway on Sunday, the first major demonstration since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. The pro-democracy march has already been banned by the Hong Kong Police, citing COVID-19 measures.

Meanwhile, activist Joshua Wong has requested independent monitoring of Hong Kong prisons after three arrested protesters reported torture incidents, adding that these activities are likely to be reported to the United Nations.

Protesters were led to areas where security cameras were absent and were abused and tortured by prison guards.

Featured image: Be Water, protest art in Hong Kong (source: reddit)

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