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Interview with Shaolin Kung Fu Master Yale Yuan Shifu

Master Yale Yuan was born in the Ruzhou City of Henan Province. He began training kung fu in 1999 at Shaolin Temple.

In 2001, Master Yale Yuan transferred to Shaolin Temple Martial Arts School and graduated in 2002. From 2003 to 2005, he participated in numerous competitions and performances as a member of the Shaolin Si Wuseng Performance Team. Specializing in pudao, dao, zui gun, and zimuyue, he took part in notable events such as “Henan TV wuling feng”, “dongfang shanshow” and “shaolin wushu zhixiang dasai”.

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What attracted and inspired you? Why did you choose to be Shaolin Kung Fu trainer?

A movie by Jet Li. When I was younger I often listen to Kung fu songs and watch Kung fu videos on TV. Those short videos and songs made me want to be a Kung fu fighter. Actually never thought about wanting to be a Kung fu trainer. When I started my training it was very hard and I didn’t want to continue training anymore I changed my mind after I joined Kung fu Performance Team and seen lots of International visitors come visit watch our Kung fu show and training with us. That made me think about what I can do with Kung fu and how I can help more people to learn and to know about us and Kung fu. This was a big change and a great decision for me. Since then I started to teach until now.

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How long have you been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu and when you become an instructor?

I started full-time training from 1999 until 2005 and then I start teaching and still continue part-time my training after teaching. 

How has Shaolin Kung Fu enriched your life? What has it done for you? Which Shaolin Kung Fu aspects are most important for you?

First of all Kung fu training made my life more colorful. When I started, that time I didn’t know that much. I just wanted to train hard and to be better then I could to join the Kungfu Performance Team. I think that team was a goal for all of us and that is an honor everyone has their own goal, this made us know more friends around the world and our relationship become very strong even like real brothers and sisters that taught me how to take care of each and never give up-there is nothing impossible if you work hard then you are always on the way to your goal. The Shaolin Kung fu spirit is NO PAIN NO GAIN this is not only for training and it’s for everything in our life. The most important is to be respectful and it’s more about personal behaves. It’s from your mind not only about the body. 

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest styles of wushu or Kung fu. It combines Ch’an philosophy and martial arts, Copyrights ©

YunTai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School

YunTai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School is located at the south foot of a large geological park amid the Yuntai Mountains in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo. It mainly consists of the Yuntai Mountain Natural Scenic Area, Qinglong Mountain resort and other surrounding areas. “The International Kung Fu Training Center” was founded by master trainer, Xie Xu Yong (Buddhistic name Shi Yan Lin) who possesses over a decade of experience in Shaolin Kung Fu Training. Here is possible to learn martial arts from certified masters authorized by the Shaolin Temple. They practice Chinese martial arts since childhood and have a large experience of teaching international students from around the world, helping each student to reach their goals.

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“Hard training and endurance are the way to learn real Kung fu” – Headmaster Shi Yan Lin

How important is meditation in Shaolin Kung Fu practice?

The meditation is the most important part of Shaolin Kung fu training and without meditation then it’s not Shaolin Kung fu anymore. It starts from inside to outside from your mind first then the body. Only doing the physical training you can do it everywhere. The most important is that a lot of Shaolin Kung fu moves comes from meditation and we all need it. This is not about any religion is just about the exercises.

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Can you tell us something about the main benefits of Shaolin Kung Fu?

Shaolin Kung fu training makes people strong and confident to know how to be respectful and discipline more about their self-discipline. The training made us learn to be kind and calm to know how to think and what to think. 

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Master Yale Yuan has traveled throughout Europe both to perform and teach. His extensive experiences have given him a distinct teaching philosophy which he hopes to impart to his students

Who practices Shaolin Kung Fu must follow a particular diet?

The Shaolin monks have to follow a particular diet and slowly more people would follow it and it’s good for our health and being healthy I think. 

The focus of Kung fu training is not only learning, but also teaching. Master Yale Yuan hopes that his students both enjoy kung fu and go on to share it with others, Copyrights ©

Do you believe there are age limits to practice Shaolin Kung Fu or start attending a course?

No. I don’t think there are age limits for Shaolin Kung fu training and you can start to training any age you want there. There is no limit age for learning. Never too early, never too late.

Shaolin Kung fu helps people improve themselves and change their perspective. For many people, training can become a part of their life, Copyrights ©

Photos courtesy of YunTai Mountain International Culture and Martial Arts School

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