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The dramatic escape of the students from PolyU in Hong Kong

Videos circulating online show the dramatic escape of the protesters from PolyU.

Update – According to Hong Kong Free Press, Ip Kin-yuen, an education sector lawmaker, earlier cited police as saying that those under 18 inside the university would be free to go after recording their ID numbers and taking a photo— but the police reserved the right to arrest them later.

Police have issued an ultimatum to protesters they’ve now surrounded at the city’s Polytechnic University.

Protesters are attempting a daring escape through a bridge at Polytechnic University. Volunteers on motorbikes came in drives to drive them out.

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Thousands of people are coming out to help save the students trapped in the university.

Hong Kong riot police broke into the university campus of the Polytechnic and battled protesters.

The police used water cannons against the protesters at a short distance.

Hong Kong police bombarded students who left the university with round of teargas and rubber bullets.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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UN Human Rights urges Hong Kong authorities to do all they can to de-escalate the situation


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