Political unrest continues as the situation keeps worsening


The Hong Kong authorities ordered the protesters barricaded inside the polytechnic to surrender.

Local authorities threaten to use live bullets as standoff with protesters escalates

Update 1: Mr. Owan Lee, Council member of the university asked graduates to support the students on the school campus. He said students staying on the campus are panicking.

Update 2: Witnesses said Hong Kong police has stormed into PolyU campus, where students are still defending themselves with petrol bombs. 

The battle between Polytechnic University protesters and police started again on Sunday, after pro-Beijing supporters tried to clear barricades but were stopped by students.

The entrances to the PolyU, the Hong Kong Polytechnic, in the Hung Hom district, are currently blocked by police riot teams and armored vehicles.


It is not possible to enter or leave the facility.

People fleeing the polytechnic are arrested on the spot, including journalists, doctors, and nurses.

Some agents are equipped with AR15 rifles.

During the day, the police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and blue dye from water cannons.

An agent was hit by an arrow shot by protesters.

The demonstrators to defend the structure, raised barricades and improvised walls , launching incendiary bottles and sometimes also arrows.

Many people who have come to the university to support the protesters are now locked inside.

Meanwhile other groups of protesters try to rescue PolyU students by distracting the police with operations in the surrounding areas.




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