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Hong Kong students boycott classes on first day back

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

Hong Kong students boycott classes after a weekend of violent clashes.

Thousands of university students from different institutes gathered at the University Mall of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, marking the start of the 2-week to voice their demands to the government.

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School and university students call on the government to withdraw a controversial extradition bill, among other demands.

Students holding up banners and hailing slogan,”No Rioters, Only Tyranny.”

They began shouting “Liberate Hong Kong; the revolution of our times.”

Students raised banners saying “we fight for freedom”.

A freshman said he is proud to be a member of “Rioters’ University”. He encouraged Hong Kong people not to give up. “Rioters’ University” refers to the Chinese University after someone changed the university’s name on the Google Map anonymously in June.

He said Hong Kong people should be able to resume their normal lives, where people can enjoy the basic rights for dual universal suffrage, freedom from fear of expressing their views on private social media platforms, and choose what colour of clothes they wear.

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