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Interview with Deer: Trip Rock in Hong Kong

Last Updated on 2021/11/18

Deer is a Mexican electronic group formed by Adriana Falcon and Miguel Bastida.

They have performed concerts in the Far East, Europe, and America in some of the major clubs and festivals such as Clockenflap (HK), Sonar (HK), Zandari Festa (Korea), V-Rox (Ru), Wake Up Festival (Taiwan), Soundrenaline ( ID) and Sorte Firkant (DK).

Their music is a mix of trip rock, industrial sounds, and deep bass with powerful voices and nostalgic lyrics that bring to mind Mexican and Latin-American poetry.

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China-underground: How did you meet and how did you start to make music?

Deer: We met in Mexico City 14 years ago.

We moved to Hong Kong in 2012, we got married here in 2013.

We are classical trained and used to play chamber music back in Mexico.

We started to make music after two shows we attended in May 2013; Blur and Sigur Ros came to town in the same month, after one of those shows we decided to start a band. 

What are the most interesting places and groups in the Hong Kong underground scene?

Well, Hong Kong has shows every week and there are a few places where music don’t stop.

There are a few acts that we enjoy JUNK!, Zebra Kills Horse, Diamond 6 and Soundtube.  


What are the major influences on your sound?

Well, we listen to different styles of music. We love Bjork, NIN, Massive Attack, Portishead to name some. 

How did you meet Animate the Earth to direct your music video Alive?

We met Holly a year ago thanks to one friend who lives in Taiwan.

He met her in a party.

He knew we were looking for somebody to direct one of our music videos. Roberto (our friend) introduced her to Miguel.

Funny thing is that she had been working on that video (different project) for a few months before we met her and the name of the video was “Alive”.

So, after talking for a few days and seeing if the material matched with the song, there were just a few modifications and was ready to premiere it. 


What inspires you most in your stay in East Asia? Do you think that your stay in Asia has somehow influenced your sound?

That’s a hard one.

One of the process that we have when composing is that we do it during winter time, why?

we do not know but music flows during X’mas holidays.

Maybe is the weather what helps us to get in a “dark” mood.

Hong Kong is humid 9 months of the year so we have three months to get a weather suitable for composing.

I think (Miguel) being in Asia hasn’t had an impact in the sound of the band, as much as being Mexican and live so close to the American culture. 

Do you have a favorite Chinese band?

There are a few acts that we know SOUND TOY or Mosaic are good bands both from Sichuan province. 

What are your next projects?

We just came back from a mini Tour in Europe, that was exciting.

Now we just finished our first LP. It will be out next spring and we named it “THERE’S NO FUTURE.”

There are three MVs done one by Animate the Earth and  two by our long time collaborator The HK Fixer.

Photos courteously by Alfonso Rosales, DEER

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