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7 killed in terrorist attack near Chinese Consulate in Karachi

The terrorists killed at least four people during an attack on the Chinese consulate in the port city of Karachi.

Some gunshots were heard around 9:30 local time outside the consulate. The police shot down three of the terrorists.

The attack was claimed by militant separatists who oppose the Chinese investment project in western Pakistan.

The separatist group is called Balochistan Liberation Army. It is one of the numerous separatist groups operating in the region.

A spokesperson for the group told AFP they see the Chinese as an oppressor.

In recent years, infrastructure projects in Balochistan have repeatedly been targeted by militants, but never with attacks of this level.

According to a report, three assailants tried to enter the consulate but were stopped by security guards at a checkpoint.

Some witnesses claimed to have seen an explosion, and local television stations showed images of a smoke column.

Local law enforcement is concentrated in the area.

All consular staff is in good condition.

The Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing has declared that further security measures will be taken to protect Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

The Chinese spokesman also had words of condolences for the victims and their families.

In another incident on Friday, at least 20 people were killed during an attack in the northwest of the country.

Friday’s attack took place in a majority Shia district in the Orakzai district.

The police said the suicide bomber blew himself up on a motorcycle in a crowded market.

The Pakistani Shia minority in the past has often been the target of Sunni attacks.
Chinese operations in Balochistan

The Balochistan region is at the center of the Belt and Road Initiative, with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which has attracted huge Chinese investments to Pakistan, linking the western province of Xinjiang with the Arabian Sea.

Pakistan is a strategic partner of China, and Beijing has invested heavily in the country.

Despite the mineral resources, such as gas, coal, copper, and gold, Balochistan remains one of the poorest regions of the country, and separatists have repeatedly accused the central authorities of making exploitation policies, abandoning the inhabitants.

Source: BBC

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