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China: A kindergarten attacked by a woman armed with a knife

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

At least 14 children were injured during a knife attack in Chongqing, southern China.

Local authorities have said that a 39-year-old woman with the surname Liu, armed with a kitchen knife, broke into a school in the Banan district on Friday morning while the children were in the yard.

The reasons for the attack are not clear, even though on the social media the rumor circulated that the woman acted out of resentment against the government.

Liu was arrested on the scene.

Videos on social media showed injured children being transported out of school.

Other images showed the police to kill off the assailant.

The Chinese authorities have also denied the news that two children had died during the attack.

Violent crimes are relatively rare in China, but for years we have witnessed a series of attacks with knives in elementary schools and kindergartens.

Generally, the attacks were perpetrated by people acting for resentment against the authorities or against individuals, or due to mental problems.

In April, a 28-year-old man attacked a junior high school killing 9 students. The assailant would have acted because he had been bullied as a child.

His death sentence was performed in September.

Image source: CGTN

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