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Rent a bike and tour Yangshuo through a network of routes.

China is a well-known biking destination, and there are many places across the nation that are perfect for pedaling.

The picturesque Yangshuo (阳朔), in Guangxi province, not so far from the capital Guilin, probably is one of the best destination to visit. In fact, Yangshuo is regarded as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Middle Kingdom.

Yangshuo is surrounded by thousands of stunning karst mountains, winding rivers and poetic scenery, and it is the perfect base camp for further exploration.

Biking by the rice paddies is one of the most popular ways to see this beautiful county.

Bikes are available at many guesthouses and rental huts around town and cost few RMBs per day. Their quality may vary greatly, so look around for the best deal and make sure gear and brakes work. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

High-quality trekking bikes are also available.

Most of the destinations in the area are just a few minutes away.

yangshuo-moon hill
View from the Moon Hill. Author: Henrik Ishihara Globaljuggler

Traveling the area by bike can be great fun. The Zhuang villages often offer dramatic landscapes, and the people are generally friendly.

The beautiful scenery of Yangshuo is a common subject of Chinese paintings and poetry and made the county famous throughout China and internationally. There are several popular areas for karst landscape sight-seeing: The village of Ligong (留公), Yulong River valley (遇龙河流域), Moon Hill (月亮山), Assembling Dragon Cave (聚龙潭), etc.

Getting lost and wandering through the quiet Yangshuo countryside on a bike is priceless.

The Yulong valley (遇龙河流域) stretches along the Yulong River, and it’s a renowned and popular tourist destination. Cycling along riverside tracks is one of the ways of seeing the valley.

The village of Ligong (留公) lies 15 km south of Yangshuo and it’s characterized by traditional old buildings, a mud cave, a gate and a temple. The road is fascinating, with water buffalos in rice paddies, karst landscape, and farmers.

Moon Hill (月亮山) is another popular scenic spot about 8 km south of Yangshuo. A hill with a huge hole in the shape of a moon is the main attraction of the area.

Assembling Dragon Cave (聚龙潭) is a karst cave located 6 kilometers south of Yangshuo, named after the stunning peaks outside the cave resembling a dragon among the clouds.

Inside the cave, there are beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites lit by colorful neon lights.

Image: Wikimedia

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