Lushi Ancient Town


Lushi Ancient Town (鲁史古镇) is 78 km north of Fengqing county in Lincang city, with a history of 409 years up to now.

Influenced by Nanzhao architecture of Dali, civilian residences in the town are mostly courtyards with rooms on 4 sides or 3 sides. Doors and windows often are decorated with carvings of exquisite craftsmanship.

Main lanes in the town are paved with stone plates with mule footprints, which evidences the property of the Tea and Horse Road.

Many historical relics as the Xinglong Temple, Wenchang Palace, Sichuan and Guizhou Guild-hall, Dali Guild-hall, Wenkui Attic, the theatrical house of Sifang street, the old well and the Qinglong bridge all witness the cultural mix in Lushi history and thus reflect the town’s rich culture.

Lushi Ancient Town map

Lushi Ancient Town images

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