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Travel to Lincang, the Mekong’s Magic Land

Last Updated on 2022/04/22

Travel to Lincang (临沧), Yunnan Province, is named after the most important river, the Mekong, Langcang in Chinese.

The region is favored by a warm climate throughout the year and enjoys the reputation of being one of the best climates in Asia.

Scattered around the province there are six great natural reserves, five sites of historical and cultural interest, and six panoramic areas.

It is situated in the middle to lower reaches of the Mekong, known as the Lancang in China, and the Salween, or the Nu.

The perfect co-existence of folk-custom, the culture of Dian-Tea, landscape overseas and forest resources results in the unique tourism resources of Lincang.

Lincang map


Lincang is the mountainous home of the Wa ethnic minority and was historically seen as too “wild” to be worth settling by neighboring powers, notably British Burma and ancient China. This may have had some connection to the Wa’s image as head-hunters. [wikipedia]

Wa minority festival

Best Tour Time

All seasons are suitable for travel.

On Tour


665km from Kunming to Lincang, a flight of 35 minutes. Lincang airport is 22 kilometers from Lincang County.

Wa village, yunnan
A traditional Wa Village

Local Food:

Wa dried beef, mashed rice mixed with chicken, watery wine, roast suckling pig of Wa, Dai flavored rice noodles with beef, vinegar-like meat, fresh collybia mushroom, unfermented tea drinks.

Local Product:

gourd of craftwork, handicraft cloth of Wa, handicraft knitting of Dai.

Events of Ethnic Customs

The Sigangli Carnival of the Wa Minority in Cangyuan County
Time: late April-early May, yearly
Place: Cangyuan County of Lincang city

Travel Information:

Lincang Tourism Bureau
Address: No.16, Western Nanping Road.
Tel: 86 883 2127788 Fax: 86 883 2130892

电话:86 883 2127788 传真:86 883 2130892

What to see in Licang

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Yongde Snow Mountain, Lincang


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