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Nujiang Ethnic Minorities Festivals

Last Updated on 2021/10/24

Nujiang prefecture is inhabited by the Nu, Tibetan, Dulong, Lisu, Naxi people, who respectively worship primitive religions, Lamaism, Catholicism, or Christianity which is the major religion.

The different religions co-exist in harmony.

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Dulong people

Kaquewa, the Dulong’s yearly festival “卡雀哇”——独龙族的年节

The festival is usually held in the last lunar month. On the first day, each family hang a colorful blanket, drink alcohol to pray harvest at night. Offering sacrifices to the mountain god and killing an ox to offer a sacrifice to Heaven are the highlights of the festival. When the villagers dance around the ox which is in the Dulong blanket with colored beads hanging on its horn. The killer steps into the sacrificial square with a spear after drinking a bowl of alcohol with one heart. After killing the ox to offer a sacrifice, people divide the beef and dance carrying its head on their back, then light a bonfire to roast beef all night long while dancing, singing, drinking alcohol, and eating beef.


Bath Pool Meeting—A Traditional Event of the Lisus 傈僳族的传统盛会——澡塘会

Bathhouse meeting is an important program of the Lisu’s Kushi festival(from 5th of the twelfth lunar month to 10th of the first lunar month of next year) whose importance equals the Han’s Spring Festival. From 1st to 3rd of the first lunar month each year, the Lisu people gather to the natural bathhouse—hot spring to usher in the new by a bath, during which the most lively program is singing race.

Zhuanshan Festival of the Pumis 普米族转山节

The festival is held on the 15th of the seventh lunar month by the Pumi people in Ninglang to worship the mountain god. Villagers gather to the appointed mountain to sacrifice with Sulima wine, milk, sacrificing noodles, and papers. On the way, they have to pass water (wash face, drink spring water ), pass smoke (burn incense). Arriving at the mountain top, people present a sacrifice to the Lion Mountain and then light bonfires to dance the whole night.

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