Bingzhongluo (丙中洛) is located to the north of the Gongshan County on the juncture between China, Myanmar, and India, and between Yunnan and Tibet.

Bingzhongluo map

There is the Xianglanglaka Mountain and the Biluo Snow Mountain at an elevation of over 5000m to its east; the Gaoligong Mountain extending from the Himalayas to the west; Shimen Pass to the north and Gongdang Shore and Ridang Slope to the south. It is entitled “the co-existing place of Man and God” because of the even terrain, the terraced fields in clouds and the Nujiang River and its numerous branches.


First Bend of the Nujiang River 怒江第一湾

The 1,540 m long Nujiang River originates from Naqu area in Tibet. It flows through the boundary mountains between Yunnan and Tibet and surges in the Great Nujiang Canyon between the Gaoligong Mountains and the Biluo snowy mountains. When the river passes the Ridan Village of Bingzhongluo, it is blocked by the Wangqing cliff and changes its cause from southward to westward. But it has to return eastward again due to the barrier of the steep slope of the Danla Mountain, forming a gigantic semicircle, called “Huo Jia” by the Lisus and then generally called “the First Bend of the Nujiang River”. The elevation of the water surface is higher than 1,700 meters above sea level, creating beautiful sceneries of great momentum, enchantment and gentle flow. People usually take boats or cable cars through the river. The center of the First Bend is a smooth and fertile land surrounded by water on three sides. On the river banks shaded green, a small village named Kangtong is living on farming for generations. A lifestyle simple but harmonious is kept, just like in a paradise.

Tingming Lake 听命湖

Tingming Lake, at north east of Pianma of Lushui county, is 600 meters away from Gaoligong Mountain which is 3540 meters above sea level. Water in the lake is clear, deep and cold,  surrounded by azaleas and dense forests in which wild animals live. People coming to the lake cannot talk loudly as it may bring about wind, rain and hails, which makes the lake mysterious and mythic.

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