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Napahai Lake in Deqen county, Yunnan

Last Updated on 2020/11/02

Napahai (纳帕海) means “the forest beside the lake”, is located 8 kilometers northwest of Shangri-la County Town.

It is a plateau lake on which many precious birds dwell, among them, black-necked cranes in the list of Class-A animals under state protection is the most famous. Every year from September to March of next year, a lot of birds are seen to hover on the lake. Napahai is also the largest grassland in Shangri-la. In spring, grasses are green and flowers are in bloom; in summer the grass fields are golden. It is a good place to take photos.

Attention: Napahai is a seasonal lake. In summer the lake area is enlarged and the water is deep; in autumn and winter, the lake water falls down.

Napahai Lake map

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