Once, during the Tang Dynasty, Dali was the capital of the Nanzhao Kingdom. Later, during the Song Dynasty, the town became the capital of the Kingdom of Dali.

The three most famous sights are the Chongsheng Monastery, the Butterfly Spring and the Erhai Moon. Dali was famous for being an interesting hippie destination. Today, although it is still frequented by groups of young students travelers from all parts of the world, Dali has established itself as a very popular destination for package tours made in China.

Dali has definitely established itself as a popular destination for package tours made in China.

Trip to Dali

Nestled along the shores of Lake Erhai, in the shape of the ear, from which it takes its name, among other things, is populated by an exotic mix of ethnic groups that now live together quite peacefully in the region: Bai, Yi, Hui ethnic groups are the most represented.

Dali is an ideal location to spend few days in complete relaxation, perhaps renting a mountain bike for some hiking in its peaceful countryside.

With its countless cheap guesthouse Dali old town is the ideal base for exploring the countryside and the many surrounding villages.

Dali Cangshan mountain and Erhai lake
Dali Cangshan mountain and Erhai lake

Dali Bai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture lies in the northwest of Yunnan Province. It renowns such fames as national tourist region, national nature protection region, national historic and cultural city, the first batch wonderful tour city of China and the most charming city. This ancient town with over one thousand years has been the capital of Nanzhao Kingdom of the Tang Dynasty and Dali Kingdom of the Song Dynasty.

There are three famous scenic spots in Dali: the Chongsheng Monastery , the Butterfly Spring, and the Erhai Moon. The Cangshan Mountain comprises 19 peaks, 18 brooks running down. Each brook is a beautiful scenic spot. Among them Qingbi Brook is the most beautiful. The visitors in Dali always linger on and forget to return because of the beautiful natural sceneries together with the young girls in Bai’s costumes. Dali is the region where the Bais live in compact communities with rich customs of the Bai People. The residential houses of “three houses with one screen wall” and “five patios surrounded by four residences” have the deep cultural connotation. The Three-Course Tea of the Bai People is significant and worth pondering. You are welcome to visit Dali—“the hometown of five golden flowers”.

Dali Bai people
Dali, Bai people

Best tour time

“Wonderful scenery in March in Dali.” Because most of the Bai People’s festivals concentrate in spring, it is the best time to travel in Dali in spring.

On tour

Dali is 377 kilometers from Kunming.
Air: Airline:Kunming—Dali Time:Everyday Travel time:50 minutes Fare:¥340
Railway: Train:Kunming—Dali Time:22:10-6:45 No.:212/2  Fare:¥70(hard seat)
Highway:Kunming Nanyao Automobile Passengers Transport Station(beside Kunming Railway Station) Departing time:8:00-21:39   Automobile type:Volvo Fare:¥103
Travel time:4 hours

Attention:The terminus from Kunming to Dali is in Xiaguan(new urban district), not in the Ancient Town of Dali.You may take bus No.2, No.4 or No.8 to the the Ancient Town of Dali(10 kilometers from Xiaguan) out of Xiaguan Automobile Station.The fare is ¥1.5. It takes 30 minutes.

Dali Bai village
Dali. Bai village

Local food

Fan-shaped cheese, Xizhou Pancake, cut plum, boiled fish in the sand pot, Nanjian bean powder, the Bais’ sour and hot fish, boiled chicken with papaya.

Attention: Most of the best restaurants are in the Ancient Town of Dali. You may taste the delicious local food in Huguo Road. Here lots of restaurants engage in Chinese and western food. Visitors can taste Yunnan local dishes and the Dali local Bais’dishes. A lot of foreigners like to drink tea in Taibai Lou Restaurant , famous at home and abroad for the Bais’Three-Course Tea and the Tibetans’ ghee tea.

Note: Nearly all coffee shops provide the tour information and tickets booking, some even provide bicycles to lease to visitors.


Huguo Road in the Ancient Town of Dali, Zhoucheng Town

Local products

The marbles, the Bai People’s batik crafts, Jianchuan wood carving, the Bai People’s silver and copper products in Heqing County, the compressed tea of Xiaguan

Cultural life in Dali

白族三道茶 Three-course Tea of the Bai People

There are no other drinking tea places better than in the Yans’ Courtyard and on the ship to Erhai Lake. The performance starts at 9:00 and ends at 14:00, ¥20 for each person. In addition to the performance of  Three-Course Tea, some programs full of the ethnic features can be seen, such as the Bai People’s wedding ceremony,their songs and dances, the “Third Month Fair” and the Raosanling Dance, etc.

白族“大本曲” Dabenqu Blade of the Bai People

Time: at 8:00 every evening
Site: The Ancient Town of Dali

蝴蝶之梦”歌舞晚会 “the Dream of Butterflies”Singing and Dancing Evening

Time: 8:00-10:00 every night
Site: on the opposite of the former prefectural government on Xinfu Road of Xiaguan

Note: Numerous coffee shops and bars assemble on Huguo Road in the Ancient Town of Dali. It becomes the place that the foreign friends yearn and the sojourners stay at. It is called “Foreigners Street” by the local people. The bars in Xiaguan mainly concentrate in Longxi Road.

Travel information

电话:86 872 2316777  传真:86 872 2316787
旅游咨询电话:86 872 2316784

Dali Prefectural Tourism Bureau
Add: prefectural administrative area, Longshan, Dali Municipality
Tel: 86 872 2316777 Fax: 86 872 2316787
Traveling inquiry tel: 86 872 2316784

What to see in Dali

Taiji fishing village is situated on a bend of the Bijiang river, near Nuodeng, in Yunlong County , Prefecture of Dali, Yunnan. The village is shaped like the Yin and Yang symbol. 太极 Taiji Fishing Village, Dali, Yunnan The village, now...
Located in Bingchuan County, the Jizu Mountain is the 5th most famous Buddhist mountains in China, with the reputation of “Holy mountain and Buddhist town”. 宾川鸡足山 The Jizu Mountain in Bingchuan County, Dali, Yunnan It is said that Mahakasyapa, a senior...
yunnan post

Yunnan Post

Xiangyun, Ancient Yunnan as well, stands on the bridgehead to spread the culture of Central Plains to Yunnan. 云南驿 Yunnan Post There is a brilliant pearl on the southwest Silk Road---Yunnan Post. The name of Yunnan originated from it. Yunnan County...
Located in Xiangyun County, being first set up in 813 A.D.. It is rumored that it is the holy land of monks practicing Buddhism and improving their attainments in Yunnan. 祥云水目山 Xiangyun Shuimu Mountain It is entitled the name “the Top...
Fengyu old town, Dali, Yunnan

Fengyu Old Town

Located in the southwest of Eryuan County, being one of the first famous historic and cultural towns approved by Yunnan Province. 凤羽古镇 Fengyu old Town The great tourist and geographer of  Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake called it as “Shangri-La”. Fengyu has...
Nanzhao Amorous Island is located in Erhai Lake southwest of Shuanglang Villag on the east bank of Erhai, Dali, Yunnan, China. 南诏风情岛 Nanzhao Amorous Island , Dali, Yunnan The main building on the island---Nanzhao Palace’s total building area is more than...
Erhai Lake used to be known as the Kunming River, the Xi’er River, and the Yeyu Pond is a famous highland lake in China. 洱海 Erhai Lake, Dali, Yunnan It was recorded as early as in the Han Dynasty. The lake,...
Dali old town gate

Dali old town

Dali Ancient Town, also known as Yu Town, lies at the foot of Cangshan Mountain in the west and faces Erhai Lake in the east. 大理古城 The Ancient Town of Dali The Ancient Town of Dali, at the foot of Cangshan...
Xizhou, Dali, Yunnan

Xizhou old town

The beautiful Xizhou is located in the Dali Municipality, along the road that goes to Lijiang. 喜洲白族古镇 The Ancient Town of Xizhou of the Bai people Flowers and birds patterns are meticulously carved on the wooden doors and windows of the...
Butterfly Spring, Dali, Yunnan, China

Butterfly Spring

The Butterlfy Spring is located under Yunnong Peak of Cangshan Mountain, being 25 kilometers north of Dali Ancient Town. 蝴蝶泉 Butterfly Spring, Dali, Yunnan In Bais’ mind Butterfly Spring symbolizes faithful love. On the 15th of the fourth month of the...
The Three Pagodas first built in Tang Dynasty are located 1 kilometer northwest of Dali Ancient Town at the foot of Yingle Peak, which are the most magnificent towers in the south of China. 崇圣寺与三塔 The Chongsheng Monastery and The...
In the backlit skies above Erhai Lake, a century’s old ballet of sky and water takes place each morning. 洱海 Erhai Lake, Dali, Yunnan The lake, located at the end of the Burma Road in Dali, which is situated in the...
Cangshan Mountain in Dali Prefecture along with Erhai has two significant sceneries. The elevation of Malong peak, the highest peak of Cangshan Mountain, is 4122 meters. 苍山 Cangshan Mountain, Dali, Yunnan The top of Cangshan Mountain is capped with snow. Abundant...
Once, during the Tang Dynasty, Dali was the capital of the Nanzhao Kingdom. Later, during the Song Dynasty, the town became the capital of the Kingdom of Dali. The three most famous sights are the Chongsheng Monastery, the Butterfly Spring...
Every year Bai people in Heqing celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. "Baizu are one of the ethnic minorities in China. Although most Bai people adhere to Buddhism, they also have their native religion of Benzhuism: the worship of ngel...
Not too far from Dali, lies Heqing, a beautiful and almost preserved example of the Bai people architecture. The Bai are one of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by China. Bai people literarily means 'white people' in Chinese, since...
Traditional Dragon Dance performed by Bai elderly people in Heqing, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan. Dancers are called by local people to bring good luck for the New Year. Pictures by Matteo Damiani

Photos: Oliver Huang

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